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Abiy Ahmed was not Celebrated Irrecha but orders machine guns fired on Oromo protesting at Irrecha holiday

Injuries and dead bodies killed by Abiy forces at Irreecha, Hora finfine, 2021, thanksgiving ceremony

Abiy Ahmed, Shimelis Abdisa, Adanech Abebe and other political leaders those called them selves as Oromo were not celebrate Irrecha. Instead of coming to the major Oromo cultural event Irrecha of the year,  Abiy Ahmed, Prime Minister of Ethiopia who called him self as Oromo ancestry and with others political leaders decided to send armed soldiers and pickup trucks mounted with high caliber machine guns.

He blocked all media to report the Irrecha except OBN with restriction of live transmition of protest. They take the pictures of the gathering but mute the voice of the live protest and tuning the voice from the studio.

Any drone camera were restricted to Report the ceremony from the ground. But Qeerro and qarres transmit the protest live on facebook and recording the video and post on social medias. Our Reporters from the place report that unarmed Oromos began to protest the jailing of Jawar Mohammed said that “jawar , Jawar, Jawar”; “Marro Marro Marro”; “Sagni , Sagni, Sagni” calling OLA Commanders and others while shouting “down down Abiy!”, “Abiy is a terrorist”, “Abiy is a genocider”. “We need freedom” (didne garbummaa).

In response the large crowd was sprayed with bullets killing many. Doctor contacts at Paulos Hospital in Addis Ababa report many causalities, at least more then 10,  some in serious condition have so far been received.Seven died from gunshot wounds and at least 10 sent to hospital at the Addis Ababa Irrecha celebration.

The Oromo people of horn of Africa who make up the largest ethnic group of over 60% of Ethiopia celebrated a special holiday called Irrecha. It signifies the end of the rainy cold season. The event usually occurs near a large body of water to honor the nature deity, Waaqa, and give thanks for the blessings of the past year saying the song of “Marehoo”. It is more than a religious holiday as Oromia of all faiths Christian and Muslim also celebrate the holiday as a day of unity and cultural recognition.

Abiy Ahmed’s father was Oromo (but still in debate some said his father is not oromo) and in his Parliamentary position, Abiy Ahmed was a representative of the Oromo area just north of Addis in Jimma zone bashasha area. His rise to power was fueled by Lemma Megersa former Oromia president, Oromo political leaders like Merara Gudina, Bekele Gerba and others, mogal and activist Jawar Mohammed with other oromo diaspora and Qeerro and qarree movement.

However since taking power, the PM switched allegiance to Amhara expansionists and neo-neftegna who have a long history of enslaving and denying rights to the Oromo. He has jailed on charges of terrorism many of his previous Oromo political leaders, Oromo supporters and mentors including Jawar Mohammed, Bekele Gerba, Hamza Boranaa, Dejene Tafa, Colonel Gammachu Ayaanaa, Lammi begna and other OLF and OFC Leaders, Qeerroos and Qarrees. An armed resistance, the Oromo Liberation Army, is growing by the day in hopes to depose the Prime Minister who they see as a traitor to the Oromo cause.

Yesterday a major protest was repeated at a sacred lake in Bishoftu a 37 km distance from Addis Ababa. However, on october 2,2021 the Area is totally under heavy military and security forces control with human right abuses, beating the qeerro and qarrees and full blockage of communication and internet services. the security forces are blocking the highway connecting from Addis Ababa trying to stop the gathering.

Professor Tony Magaña said “Abiy Ahmed fears that more protests against the government will occur embarrassing the PM that his own people are against him while this week he is in the midst of the upcoming presentation of his new Prosperity Party government this week”.  Many Oromia and others feel these elections in their regional state were unfair to opposition parties.

Abiy is the harmfull leader with Isayas and Erdogan.