The Illegal Raid of OLF Chairman Mr. Dawud Ibsa’s Residence in Addis Ababa

Yesterday, May 3, 2021, Mr. Abiy Ahmed ordered his military to raid the residence of Mr. Dawud Ibsa, the chairman of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), in Addis Ababa without any legal court order. The raid was at about 9:00pm local time in the evening under cover of darkness. During the raid, the police and security forces have disconnected the electric power from the house, broken into the gate of the compound and entered the house with aggressive and dehumanising manner. They beaten everybody in the house including the security guard, children, woman, and some of them badly hurt. During these raid, other heavily armed forces have been stationed around the compound in all directions and there were heavy shootings to block people from approaching the area and to terrorism Mr Ibsa’s family and friends. The raiding force has searched everything in the house and confiscated Mr. Ibsa’s and family members’ computers, cell phones, documents, other electronic devices, andpersonal belongings including any cash they came across. They have broken and destroyed house furniture and cut all sorts of communication from his residence. The security forces have also beaten Mr. Ibsa’s security guards badly and eventually removed them from the area. Since last night, Mr. Ibsa is without security guards, and with a broken door exposing him to high security risk to his life. As we speak, there is huge presence of government security and police forces in and around Mr Ibsa’s residence. Public movements around the area are restricted and many people passing by havebeen arrested. Mr. Ibsa’s security and well-being are extremely in danger right now. Therefore, we would like to inform the international community and ask the US and UK governments, EU, AU, UNSC and national and international Humanitarian Organisations to take an immediate step to secure the safety and well-being of Mr. Dawud Ibsa. For the last couple of years, the world has been witnessing Ethiopia’s deteriorating political and constitutional situation. While the world is watching, Mr. Abiy Ahmed, the world noble peace prize winner of 2019, is turning into the most dangerous dictator that Ethiopia has ever faced in recent history. Sadly, all these political, economic, and humanitarian crises in Ethiopia takes place while the world community is just watching. Today’s unlawful government military raid of Mr. Ibsa’s residence manifests where the Ethiopian Government is heading. Such provocation, intimidation, or threatening of the political giant Mr. Dawud Ibsa will surely trigger an unnecessary political rift. It will absolutely anger the Oromo politicians, elites, and the Oromia citizens as a whole. Worse, such reckless government action will overshadow a glimpse of hope for a peaceful transition through politicaldialogue in the country. Mr. Ibsa’s home attack occurred when the US government and European Union attempt to resolve the Ethiopian political crises through political negotiation. Today’sgovernment action is conceivably contrary to the US and EU efforts to resolve Ethiopian political and constitutional problems peacefully. It also indicates Abiy’s rejection of a peaceful transition and keenness to consolidate its power by military power. Perhaps, this is ignorance and unwillingness to further to see the consequence of such action.Intimidating and/or threatening Mr. Ibsa repeatedly for just proposing a realistic political option for the peaceful coexistence of the Ethiopian citizens will undoubtedly send a negative message to the Oromia citizens and other nations and nationalities of the country. Such ignorance of the Abiy government has already jeopardized the country’s security and stability. The Ethiopian people, particularly the Oromia citizens, have tolerated for so long the ill-intended political manoeuvring of the successive Ethiopian governments just for the sake of coexistence and resolving political differences through negotiation and reconciliation. If pushed further unnecessarily, we are confident that the Oromia citizens will decide on their political fate. Mr. Abiy Ahmed and his political advisors may think that Ethiopia is on the right track, but the reality on the ground is contrary to this, and such a short-sighted political view will instead send the country into more chaos and even to an irreconcilable difference. Indeed, Ethiopia cannot afford any further political instability and manoeuvring of power narcissists. Therefore, the OLF Diplomatic chapter urges the international communities, the US government, UNSC, EU, AU, and national and international Humanitarian Organisations to take swift action on this matter in their capacities. We demand international community and humanitarian organisations to immediately monitor Mr Ibsa’s safety and security through their embassies and/or representatives in Addis Ababa. Mr. Abiy’s attack of Mr. Ibsa resident today will undoubtedly push the country into a more political, social, and human catastrophe and must be addressed immediately.Victory to the Masses!