BREAKING NEWS, Oduu Afan Oromo


For past 3 years after Dictator abiy ahmed come to the palace there are alot of war is declared on the oromo people. many thousand was killed, popular leaders are arrested, farmers house are burned, millions are displaced. Abiy’s final goal is returning oromo to neftegnas bondage of 200 years ago as he said in the name of Ethiopiawit. He declare war on wallo and benishangul gumuz. He committed war criminal and genocide on the people of tigaru only because of their democratic election.

Who is shane ?

Around 7 months before his arrest popular oromo activist and media mogal Jawar Mohammed the father of Oromo said shane is all oromo.

Jawar explain what shane means on OMN
Qeerroo bilisummaa oromo
Ola is decipllined and well equiped oromo

There is no organization called shane in east africa but shane is as the name endicate 5 means all what oromo have summerized and called as five. as priest wake explained about five as the best number of oromo that represent 17 different systems. Enemies of oromo sometimes called Oromo liberation army as shane. In the past week of amhara regions rally Abiy is symbolled as oneg-shane. Why neftegnas hate shane and Ola? Because Ola is the army of the people they are highly loved by oromo. They support their people.

The following photos shows when Ola helping oromo farmers by oxen droven tillage. They are ploughing the land because the abiy soldiers burn the crops of the people and they refused the people as not doing their daily agricultural activity by saying as they are done the activity to feed the army.

Shane is all oromo qeerroo and qeerrees that protest on the government becase of mass killing and mass arrest. As clearly and publicly declared in all Ethiopia state medias amhara neftegnas wish the plain Ethiopia that are ruled by miniliks’ supporters and family. Abiy is one of the 1st stage lover of minilik. But minilik is the forever enemy of Oromo. He was the hittler of Ethiopia. He done genocidal act on oromo. As artist and human right activist hachalu hundessa said in his last conversation on media before his assassination by Abiy “Neftegnas was the enemy of oromo yestarday, today and forever” Ola struggle for the liberation of oromia. Oromo loss many things. As jawar said in afan oromo “waan oromoon biyyaa ethiopia keessatti ta’e bineensi dagalayyuu hin taane” means what oromo being mistrated, injured, killed is not equal what done on wild beast.

Neftegna burns wollo oromo houses with the plan A of abiy

Abiy assassinated Hachalu hundessa to silence the voice of oromo. But many hachalus are emerged. But they arrest in mass. Oromo people is ocean. So to terrorizing oromo abiy use the term shane. All past governments of Ethiopia called Ola as terrorist group. for the 4 time within 50 years time of struggle Ola is called as terrorist. Abiy is not oromo. He was born in oromia but he is not oromo. He is a lier. And he decieved the international community and take nobble prize. His strategy is hidden. But now all can know who is abiy and what is his agenda. He is the enemy of Ethiopia. He is attacking his own people by using dictator Isayas afeworki. The world is decieved when they are cheers each other to open genocidal war on tigaru people. Their great enemy is all nation and nationalities because they declared war on oromo, kimant benishangul gumuz, wolloitas and sponsored somalis and afars to fight each other. Their political agenda is to distroy regional governments. But oromo long struggle is the right of self determination and self governance. In amhara region many oromo university students are killed. By controlling all governmental offices they declare war on oromo people. To terrorize oromia they support the neftegnas with all big army equipments. They planned and financed to declare war on oromo wollos and benishangul gumuz. They directly participate on criminal activities. They closed doors on peacefull struggle and arrest opposition parties. Killed and left their bodies on road and give to hynas. They through in forests. They arrest oromo accadamicians, doctors, teachers and business mens. They block all cultural ceremonies. They designed face election. They fired by snaypers and killing innocent elders and children, they rape womens, the use famine as the war weapon, they increase taxation on all citizen.

Finally oromo qeerroo and qarree choose to raise up the gun. They fight for “FXG” TO FIGHT FOR FINALIZE SLAVERY. TO BRING FREEDOM

Ola trained qeerroo and qeerree around Ambo near shegar
Ola with community in arsi to attend on fasika festival
Ola with community

Shane is all oromo

We struggle for our existance

We struggle for our future generation

We struggle for freedom