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If at least 5000 people sent all of these 300+ tweets, we would have over 1.5 million tweets. #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsThere are over 50,000 Oromo political prisoners in Ethiopia including opposition leaders @stejobin @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsOromo political leaders who are wrongly imprisoned have been on a hunger strike for 25 DAYS! @stejobin @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsPeople with diverse ethnic backgrounds are living in harmony, but their human rights are violated by tyranny. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsWhile various ethnic groups are embellishing the country, tyranny is persecuting their members equally. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsEvery country goes great by democracy which consider everyone equally regardless of their ethnicity, but not tyranny @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsDue to brutal attacks by the police in Oromia during the 12/12/12 protest a little girl was killed horrifically. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsA kid who is not in any way a threat to anyone was shot by law enforcers during 12/12/12 protest in Oromia. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsEthnonational identity has never been a problem and tyranny will never be a solution. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsDiversity is our beauty, tyranny is our enemy. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsThe police brutality towards peaceful protestors is not only directed towards fully grown adults but kids too. 12/12/12 Oromia @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsAwol 19 years old was Shot dead on Oct 11 while marching on the streets of Bale Robe Oromia region unarmed along with his friends demanding for the release of all oromo political prisoners. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian…Adunya Mulatu is one of the many killed by security forces on Aug 19-20 in West Welaga/Bila. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsAmin Adam a 70years old father was also one of the many killed by security forces on Aug 19-20 in East Hararge/Dire Dawa. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsAfandi Abdurahiman is one of many people who were killed by security forces on Aug 19-20 in East Hararge. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsUndue attacks from security forces towards peaceful citizens has taken a lot of lives. Ahimadnur Musa from East Hararge/Awaday is one of the victims. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice…Pregnant woman shot dead by law enforcers in Awaday Oromia region. 12/12/12 protest @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsUnarmed peaceful protestor. Shot and still handcuffed to the hospital bed. 12/12/12 protest @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsWomen are the symbols of love and care. There is not any possible way for a woman to be harmful that you will be forced to kill her in order to stop her. Faxuma East Arsi killed on Aug19/20 @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian…A Teacher unarmed and unthreatening shot and killed by security forces in Oromia. 12/12/12 protest @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsA little girl was awfully raped by security forces in Walaga Oromia. This girl is now forced to live in a horrible psychological and physical state. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice…Democracy thrives in diversity. Tyranny oppresses it. If you look at what happened in Wolaita, Oromia and Somalia regions in the past 7 months you’ll know the tyrant govt in Ethiopia has no space for cultural or political diversity #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsThere can’t be any excuse for extrajudicial killings of innocent ppl. Kumaa Abrahim killed in West Hararge on Aug 19/20. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsIt is sickening to always see a list of people who are extrajudicially killed. Tahir Gamada killed in West Arsi/Dodola on Aug 19/20. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsEthiopian Nations, Nationalities and peoples’ endured a century-long physical and culture genocides nonetheless not only unapologetically persevered and existed but also thrived. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtests“2 days after Hachalu’s assassination the A.G gave unnecessary but intentional detail claiming “the alleged killers were speaking in Afan Oromo and Tigregna” w/h implications were deadly. It was the govt who was trying to incite ethnic violence.” #FAC #OromoProtestsIt is the sad reality that things have gone worse and gains of decades long struggle for freedom and equality reversed for ppl like Somalis, Oromos &Wollaitas who hoped change has finally come. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo…“Those who preached peace, love and respect among nations and nationalities from d/f nations are behind bars now.” Its every nation that is being terrorized by the gov’t. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC…“Ethnic violence” has become a phrase govt officials and state sponsored medias use to crush peaceful protesters against the govt itself. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsWe want to live in a stable and peaceful Ethiopia. But the political instability is forcing our people to flee the country or to die while protesting… @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice…There can’t be any excuse for extrajudicial killings of innocent ppl. Mohammed Aliyi killed in East Hararge/Dadar on Aug 19/20. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsTwo years ago #BekeleGerba & #EskindirNega predicted that they will be re-arrested if the reform talk is not genuine. And now they are. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsOromoProtests cares for the stabilization of the region. And that’s why it’s calling for #NationalDialogueNow@simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsSurely #OromoProtest will become the determinant factor in Ethiopia in the coming years. Now Oromo is choosing its allies carefully. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsNational dialogue helps to explore the root causes of #CrisisInEthiopia & to find the right solution. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsTrying to bring peace through war & by imprisoning politicians is a travesty of justice. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsThe #CrisisInEthiopia was started when the ETH gov’t declared war in Oromia & put politicians behind bar. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsThe war in Tigrai is extended from Oromia. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsIf the #CrisisInEthiopia couldn’t halt immediately, it will bring irreversible damage to the country. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsBefore ETH becomes a failed State owing to the current #CrisisInEthiopia, release political prisoners & carry out #NationalDialogueNow@simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsOromia, Tigrai, Metekl, Konso & other parts of ETH are bleeding as we speak. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsKeeping Oromo political leaders in jail & continuing the war in Tigrai will only exacerbate the #CrisisInEthiopia @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsOromo Protests denounces the war in Tigrai & believes all inclusive #NationalDialogueNow is a way out from #CrisisInEthiopia @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsThe collateral damage of #CrisisInEthiopia already becomes unbearable. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsThe root cause of Ethiopia’s current crisis lies in the PM’s refusal to resolve problems through #NationaldialogueNow. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsEthiopia’s transition to a war zone poses a serious security threat to the Horn of Africa and the world. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsI wonder why the ruling party, which is not afraid to wage a devastating war, is afraid of peaceful negotiations. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsRejecting #NationalDialogue is to reject and hinder the transition to democracy. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsAs #OromoProtests continues, we demand the removal of the illegal restrictions unconditionally on Oromo activists and citizens bank accounts. We demand a #NationalDialogueNow. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsAbiy started war on the #Oromo people by killing Hacaalu Hundessa and then attempted to “eliminate” nonviolent, unarmed Oromo opposition leaders. Abiy & Co has now continued that war in Tigray. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsWhy did the government refuse the UN demand for independent investigation on the violences that were occured since June? @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsGreat job! You completed the first 50 tweets. KEEP GOING!During the past five months although many people have lost their lives, the government is keep saying that it was committed by unknown body. Who are these unknown body? @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsEveryone except for the one who committed the crime is asking for independent investigations for all the violence that occurred in different parts of the country. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsMore than 500 people lost their lives since June. But the government couldn’t give concrete evidence on the incidents. Why? @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsExcept providing press releases, the government didn’t make a comprehensive report on non of the violences occurred yet. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsThe government couldn’t reveal the sources of the violences by conducting deep investigation. So, we need an independent investigation now. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsThe Ethiopian regime fails to protect its citizens from attack — rather it is actively committing extrajudicial killings! @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsWhy does the government neglect its citizens lives and refuse independent investigations into all the violence? @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsIf the attacks are not state-sponsored, the government should allow independent investigation by the UN. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsWhy is the Ethiopian government afraid of independent investigation? @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsThe so-called government is not willing to investigate the incidents and bring the culprits to justice. We demand independent investigation @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsFor our people to co-exist like they used to, the hands behind the massacres need to face justice. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsUnless a thorough independent investigation is launched, we will face a civil war. The narrative that propagates from the palace is damaging! @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsThe only way to avoid collateral damage is to let independent investigators take over the case. We don’t have confidence in our security apparatus! @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice…A lot of political killings and massacres are left unsolved . But this incidents are affecting the lives of millions. That’s why we demand independent investigation@simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC…Contradicting statements and briefings from govt authorities showed us how much the govt itself is involved . The incidents needs to be investigated by a body everyone trusts. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsGovt officials are giving totally different and contradicting briefings. The only thing the briefings got in common is that “ people got killed” . @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsWhen Shahemene mayor asks the head of Oromia regional state what to do to protect civilians the answer he got was “go home and sleep” @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsThe military was ordered to leave the area, and right after that more than 200 civilians were massacred in the town of Guliso. Who ordered the military to leave? @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsIt has been more than a year now since High-profile individuals including the army chief of staff were assassinated. No one is held accountable, none is sentenced @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsWho killed Hachalu Hundesa? And who coordinated the attacks afterward on civilians? We need an answer! @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsIn the last few months, hundreds of civilians were massacred In cold blood. Are we receiving state-sponsored shock therapy? @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsThe ruling party locks up every prominent opposition leaders by accusing them of the killings of civilians. But civilians are still being killed? Who is responsible now? @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsA few months ago officials of the ruling party told us that rebel groups have been demolished. So who is responsible now? Who is the scapegoat this time around? @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsJust last week an official of the ruling party admitted to Ap journalist that a young kid was killed by security forces by mistake. But we haven’t seen anyone getting arrested for it. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtests5 University students, were killed in Nekemte, Ethiopia last week. They were accused of being members of a terrorist group. But no evidence was provided @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsMore than 50 people were killed in Guraferda, Ethiopia. who killed them? why did the gov’t fail to protect them? @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsMore than #300LivesIn3Months were lost due to excessive use of force by security forces. This needs a proper investigation. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsSince the so-called reform regional state heads, army chief of staff, countless citizens were killed. And no viable explanation was given. Who is responsible? @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsEthiopian gov’t loves to blame everything on rebel groups. It is time to take responsibility for Failing to protect citizens or killing citizens. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice…You can’t have a free, fair, and competitive election having put major political rivals behind bars on trumped-up charges! @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsEthnonational identity makes a group of people unique. Yet tyranny is a choice of oppressing people w/ these identities @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsProject seed of @UNDP is doomed to fail. Election without options is no election. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsFunding the making of authoritarianism in the name of elections @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsFunding authoritarians show of election at the cost of a reform brought by the more than 5k lives @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsYou can’t hold an election where every prominent opposition is in jail. Elections belong to the people. It’s their decision to make but options should be open for them to elect and to decide. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsThe pre-electoral process is Vita to make the end result of the election fair. But the pre-electoral process is biased and not inclusive, according to major opposition leaders. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsElection days come and go. But the struggle of the people to create a govt which represents them will not go until a govt they elect comes to power. To end the struggle in ETH ‘no option election’ is not the way to go. #FAC #OromoProtestsFinancing National Electoral Board of Ethiopian (NEBE) while the pre-electoral process remain problematic is considered as showing solidarity for unfair election. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsThe Ethiopian prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, once officially said that he was directly calling to the chairperson of NEBE to influence the postponement of the 6th national election. The implication is clear! @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU #FAC #OromoProtestsThe ruling party is involved on the decision of NEBE though the board should remain independent. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsElection days come and go. But the struggle of the people to create a govt which represents them will not go until a govt they elect comes to power. To end the struggle in ETH ‘no option election’ is not the way to go. @2021PortugalEU #FAC #OromoProtestsYou can’t hold an election where every prominent opposition is in jail. Elections belong to the people. It’s their decision to make but options should be open for them to elect and to decide. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian…The Ethiopian gov’t has inflicted humanitarian disaster to 4.5 million Tigrayans by declaring war on Tigray. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsSince the war is declared on Tigray, innocent civilians are massacred, denied access to Food, and raped by a group of soldiers. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsFor over 100 days, communication is halted, banks are closed, roads are blocked, and humanitarian assistance can’t be delivered for Tigray people. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice…The Ethiopian government is using starvation as a weapon to punish the Tigray people. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsWithin the past two months, at least 200 girls, who are under the age of 18, were raped in Tigray. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsEU should cut financial support if the ETH gov’t won’t allow independent investigation, humanitarian access for Tigray, and release all Oromo political prisoners. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC…Financing the Ethiopian government now is the same as financing the war on Tigray and Oromia. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsAfter the war on Tigray is declared, soldiers are using sexual assault as a weapon. Tigray women are suffering. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsGood work! You have completed 100 tweets! KEEP GOING – itti muddi!Having more than 80 ethnic groups is the beauty of Ethiopia. The bad news is everyone of them is stifled by the tyrant govt in the name of law. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsSince the war waged on Tigray, the people have experienced massive looting and indiscriminate killing. And women got raped & properties & historical sites destructed. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC…Because of the war on Tigray, more than 60,000 Tigrayans fled to Sudan, 2.5 million people internally displeased, and 4.5 million Tigrayans starved. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice…Prominent Oromo political prisoners are on a hunger strike for the past 25 days & their health condition is deteriorating. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsThe court has ordered the Kaliti prison administrators to allow access to health facilities for Oromo political prisoners. Yet, the prison administrators declined the court order fifth times. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian…It has been 25 days since Jawar, Bekele, Hamza & et al. went on a hunger strike. They will continue the hunger strike until their demands are answered. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice…Oromo political prisoners are #StarvingForJustice . The ETH government should meet their demands immediately. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian @JosepBorrellF #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsOromo political prisoners have been on a hunger strike for 25 consecutive days now. They all are critically ill but denied medical attention. If anything happens to them, the blame is on the ETH government. #FAC #OromoProtestsMeseret Dhaba, who is a TV producer/Journalist, was arrested 11 days ago. Yet, she didn’t appear before a court until now. Meseret is sick now, but she couldn’t access medical treatment. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU @Ulkoministerio @GermanyDiplo @JY_LeDrian…During the Jimma University graduation ceremony, Mohammed Deksiso demanded justice for Hachalu & the release of all Oromo political prisoners. Then he was picked up by the ETH security forces, detained & tortured. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU #FAC…Oromo political leaders are in imminent danger of dying owing to a hunger strike for the last 25 days. The government now denied them any medical help, which will exacerbate their health condition. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsWe urge all the EU members to pressure the Abiy Ahmed administration into meeting the demands of the hunger strikers.They are #StarvingForJustice for the past 25 days. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsAlmost all political prisoners in Ethiopia are Oromo. It is systematic oppression. To denounce this injustice, the prisoners are on a hunger strike for the past 25 days. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsKaliti prison administrators denied medical attention to Oromo political prisoners. Their pretext is an order from the “above body.” In ETH, the order of the unknown body substitutes the rule of law. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsIn Ethiopia, the rule of tyranny replaces the rule of law. So, Oromo political prisoners went on a hunger strike for the past 25 days to protest the rule of tyranny. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsHolding an election without OLF and OFC’s participation in Oromia is the same as having no election. And the government already systematically push both parties to withdraw from the election. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsWith all Oromo political leaders and candidates in prison, conducting an election is murder to democracy. @simoncoveney @Haavisto @2021PortugalEU #FAC #StarvingForJustice #OromoProtestsFree & fair election is impossible since all Oromo opposition candidates are in prison. So,


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