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A press release given by Oromo Federal Congress – Ofco (Oromo Federalist Congress – OFC) |

It is important that the political platform is expanding for both our political and free, fair and democratic election!

Oromo Federalist Congress - OFC
Oromo federalist congress

An organization that believes in peace and negotiation and negotiation starting from the establishment is important to discuss, discuss and discuss and negotiate. It is known that we have been working aimlessly with free, justice and democratic election. According to this, our members have sacrificed a lot of interference in the government led by EPRDF for years. A crime of OPICO leaders, members and supporters of murder, torture, torture, displacement and displacement have been committed. Still today, members and supporters of Opico who are still standing for the right and freedom of their people are suffering from false and fake crimes in the country, different police camps, special force camps, organization offices, regular prisoners and education. They are available.

On the other hand, the political parties that we found in the form of the federalism has started to put out the constitution and identity of the current Ethiopian problems. Political question of ethnicity is being asked before TPLF was created and there are many organizations that have done their work with TPLF. We say these right forces should be high early.

As Oromo Federal Congress’s goal is to make the democratic right to be respected based on the people’s interest and democratic election only. Yet, push the right forces who oppose the federalism based on the constitution and the constitution! When they say, those who control the government’s efforts will be seen moving to the federal government’s dispute. Ovico will notice that this is a dangerous move.

Today’s ethnic-based conflict that is happening in different parts of our country, has been concerned that the political challenges of the peaceful struggle will hurt our country and our people, and OPICO’s political problems will be solved by the nationalism. Both the government and the ruling party are not listening to us. What is more surprising is that the government, the ruling party has released the sixth general election board for three years from Addis Ababa to Arbaminch and Bishoftu. It is known that the five round elections that are said to be held are free, fair and non-believers and international parties, Ethiopian people and international observers have not given recognition. It seems innocent to expect that the coming election of the government and its followers will be free, fair and trustworthy.

Therefore, even if the Oromo Federal Congress (Opico) asks for negotiation and negotiation to transfer the following questions and solutions to our country’s complex problems and democratic system, we will present the following questions and ideas.

  1. The FDRE government has opened the members, supporters and other political parties that were suspected of the constitution and the constitution, and the government has opened them by their political positions. We ask you to get comfortable with situations to start work. We would like to inform all Ethiopian people and the people who are imprisoned, opposing the election, competing and following the election will be very difficult for all Ethiopian people and their concern.
  2. We urge the government and the ruling party to make the people free from political parties and democratic and human rights.
  3. Government-run media masses are reflecting only the needs of the ruling party. Some media that say they are personal related to government, and the government should take force steps to destroy ethnic groups based on ethnicity, ethnicity! Push him out! They rock the single song. This kind of way does not benefit our country. Therefore, we ask all the media to provide information to Ethiopians with great respect to the society to work hard and fulfill their responsibilities.
  4. Laws are made to ensure the security of the citizens and the country, but in a country where laws are not respected, peace, development and prosperity are not considered. Out of the constitution, illegal killings, imprisonment, displacement, threats are happening to citizens. Police arrest the citizen who ordered the court to release by unknown order. Government officials who committed crime on the cover of government are not brought to justice. Even though they are close they are very few. So we call on court, criminal investigators to free themselves from any party or group of parties and democrats to help build good governance and democracy.
  5. Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, we urge you to do your role in transferring different parts of the country.
  6. We are at a critical time where we can make a successful democratic transition of our country’s political forces. We ask the government, the ruling party and the Ethiopian National Electoral Board to stop the election that will be acceptable to the people and stop their politics.

We have been unable to train our politics for the past five years and the conflict we want to move from one crisis to another transition. And it’s being seen out. We have been in a difficult situation to understand our history for the past three years of national agreement, Aba Geda and the elders of the country. We are seeing the profit and loss with the Ethiopian people. For the last three years, we are trying to make a peaceful, free and fair election to bring a democratic system that has been planned for the past three years. Therefore, all Ethiopian political forces and Ethiopian people who organized the rights and freedom of our country should not be stupid.

There is no option for a successful democratic transition!

Oromo Federal Congress (OFC)
Finfine, December 30/2013