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The Sudanese army controls new lands and expectations of a confrontation with Ethiopia


December 26, 2020

Sudanese army

 Sudanese army

Sudanese military sources said, in the early hours of Friday morning, that the Sudanese army had taken control of all its territory in the Al-Fashaqa area, adjacent to the Ethiopian border town of Abd al-Rafia.

The sources confirmed to “Al Sharq News”, that the Ethiopian border town of Abd al-Rafi`, which has an Amharic majority, “has become almost empty of residents.”

In the context, military sources told the “Sudan Tribune” newspaper that units of the Sudanese army gathered east of the “Wad Arad” area, while the armed Ethiopian militias and other forces pushed military reinforcements, troop carriers and artillery west of the “Abd al-Rafia” area adjacent to the common border.

She added, “Ethiopian forces separate from the Sudanese army only about 3 kilometers.”

The sources pointed out that “the field military situation warns of a possible confrontation after the Sudanese army responded on Wednesday to the attacks of the militias supported by the Ethiopian army that targeted Mount Abu Birds and forced them to flee.”

The border areas between Ethiopia and Sudan are witnessing confrontations between the Sudanese army and Ethiopian armed groups, who have seized areas over which Khartoum maintains its sovereignty.

Military disputes arose between the two sides after Sudanese army elements were ambushed by the Ethiopian forces and militias, while they were returning from “combing the area around Mount Abutiour inside Sudanese territory,” which resulted in “loss of life and equipment