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Seenaa Jimjimoo on Ethiopian politics

By Seenaa Jimjimo Some say, #OromoProtests and oromo #QerrosAndQerres are the true freedom fighters but too bad, They are just too… for their lives to be worthy of th news. Others say there is no one or organization that cares about what they preach. Freedom is taken by the oppressed never given. There are no other ways around a national dialogue in Ethiopia. Oromo political leaders must speak up and strategize the way forward. Kids protesting or closing road in periphery will not have a significant impact. Push for dialogue must start the center. The next frontier. Oromos and good people of Ethiopia shall not just respond or wait for government to set an agenda. They must create one and stay focus on those they created. One shouldn’t always dance to the beat of somebody. If the poison Abiy gives or feeds those close to him holds any truth, we shall see a peace and prosperity in no time, especially in oromia where the region seem a war zone. For those assuming tplf were behind killing of innocents, December 1st on words shall be deferent.